Garage in Jerusalem - Randan GarageRandan Garage in Jerusalem offers full garage services to all vehicles, mostly Japanese and European made vehicles. The garage was established in 1998, in the Industrial Area of Talpiot, Jerusalem, and its owners have over 30 years of experience in the cars field. The garage offers services to new and used cars, while meeting the highest standards in the industry and with full compatibility to manufacturer's instructions.

Only in Randan Garage – up to 20% less than the pricing of service garages!

  • Car mechanism
  • Body work and paint
  • Car electricity
  • Garage in Jerusalem - Randan GarageComputerized car diagnosis
  • Car air conditioning

Randan staff is obligated to provide full, professional service to each client. The service includes a car pickup from the customer's residence, execution of the required diagnosis and treatments in the garage and returning the car to its owners residence or place of work. Randan's clients enjoy personal and close VIP treatment, provided by a professional and experienced staff in the field of car services.

Computerized diagnosis

Diagnosis of cars by a computer for locating problems and for their repair: repair of injection
systems, repair and renovation of high pressure injectors etc.  The department is manned by
the most experienced staff in the field of computerized vehicle diagnosis, as the whole staff
has proper professional training.

Electricity and air conditioning
The staff members of the electricity and air conditioning department are experienced
electricians and a/c technicians.  Our experts go through current instructions and training
sessions in order to remain at the top of developments in the field, and in order to provide you
with the most professional and efficient answer: 

  • Repair of vehicle computers
  • Repair of electricity problems in the vehicle
  • Locating and repair of leaks in the car a/c. 

Body work and paint
The body work and paint department in the Randan Garage is obligated to a high finishing level
and to the use of nothing but high quality paint. The body work and paint jobs are executed
accordingly to the manufacturer's instructions and to the client's satisfaction.  


Garage in Jerusalem | Randan Garage

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